Thai street food amazing Thai Style Pork Steak and Mix

Thai street food amazing Thai Style Pork

Thailand Street Food is BEST!

Grilled Pork on the Streets
I like to Grill,and i like the Taste.
But in Thailand with all the Flavours
on that Meat it is an Chalange to get
it all.You get it diffrent Styles all
over Thailand.But you can eat it all
and you will be happy you did.
Personaly i like it with Garlic and
Hot Sauce,just some Rice and Bread..
and iam happy.

Thai Street food pork
pork on the grill

Juice frome Mars

After Maem Closed the “Mars Bar” she
open a new one Called
juice frome Mars

Juice frome Mars Bar in Khao Lak
Mems new Bar

but in that Juice from Mars, you get so much moore:

Maem Restaurant & Bar
You’ll find English Breakfasts, yummy pies, sandwiches,
Pizzas and all the amazing international food from Mars Bar Café at MAEM’s new bar and restaurant.
MAEM’s Bar and Restaurant is conveniently located in Khao Lak,
Just up the hill from Nang Thong Supermarket. The lively Mars atmosphere lives on at MAEM’s.
Pop by for a drink or two, or three or four, or……..

Visit us:


Mars Bar the new one
Juice frome mars

It’s hard to miss the Mars Bar. And you would not want to miss it. The English proprietor, Mars, runs a great establishment with his Thai partner, Mem. Best coffee in the area and a broad menu that includes home made bread, British staples like bangers & mash, as well as Thai food. Beer & cocktails at very reasonable prices. Great, free Wi-Fi. A favourite feature is the Mars Bar “lending library”, a wide collection of mostly thrillers in English, German, Nordic, and other languages. You won’t find a more welcoming place in Khao Lak. Open year-round. Beer from 70 baht.